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Hanfleben Packet nr. 3 - for Hemp-knowers

Hanfleben Package 3 contains our CBD-Ö L Full Spectrum 10 percent, shelled hemp nuts, Natural hemp tea and Wild Berry as well as two tote bags, large; and small, with Hanfleben logo. Our hemp life package 3 is wonderfully suitable for all those who already have experience with CBD and hemp products. For those who want to incorporate CBD and hemp products into their lifestyle and diet, we recommend our Hemp Life Starter Pack 1.

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Hemp Life CBD Oil Full Spectrum 10 percent

We obtain Hanfleben CBD oil 10 percent from the leaves and flowers of our cannabinoid-rich hemp plants. During the entire sowing and growth process of the plants, we strictly avoid using pesticides and herbicides as well as chemical additives. Hempleben CBD oil works naturally, relieves stress and pain, is 100 percent non-psychoactive and therefore 100 percent legal.

Our Hanfleben CBD oil can have a positive effect in the following cases:

  • pain and inflammation
  • anxiety and stress
  • Poor sleep, sleep disturbances
  • Strengthen immune system
  • allergies
  • asthma


How To Use Your Hemp Life CBD Oil

Hempleben CBD Oil Full Spectrum and Hempleben CBD Cream Full Spectrum are not medicines. Therefore there are no dosing instructions. For beginners, we recommend starting with Full Spectrum 5 percent CBD oil. Put two drops under the tongue daily and relax for a moment. The body has to adapt to the new source of nutrients. This takes about 14 days. After 14 days you can carefully increase for the first time and take a few more drops, pay attention to your body and listen to your inner being. You can also switch to our Hemplife CBD oil Full Spectrum 10 percent after e.g. 3 months if the pain sensation is still high.

Hanfleben Hemp Nuts: Vegetable Omega Fatty Acid Suppliers

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are also known as marine fatty acids because they are mainly found in fish. For vegans and vegetarians, they are therefore often a deficiency. With our Hanfleben hemp nuts, we offer a high-quality plant-based omega 3 and 6 fatty acid source that gives savory and sweet delicacies an exciting nutty note - without triggering a nut allergy. Hemp nuts are full of vitamins, trace elements, proteins and antioxidants. They are gluten and lactose free.

Hemp life hemp tea: sip by sip of healthy well-being

We obtain our Hanfleben hemp tea varieties from the leaves and flowers of our hemp plants. They contain all the good hemp ingredients like CBD, terpenes, flavonoids and antioxidants. Sip by sip, you will absorb well-being for your body, mind and soul with our tea, so that your drinking break will be even more valuable for you. In combination with various other ingredients such as berries, ginger or rooibos, our tea varieties become even more interesting and delicious. Because every single ingredient has a beneficial property for you.

Of course, this product is made from EU-certified industrial hemp and the THC value to be verified is less than 0.2%.

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