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Hanfsecco Rosé

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Hanfleben - Hanf erleben

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Hanftastischer Secco-Moment

Prickelnder Genuss

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unseres Nutzhanfs

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Grünes Gold

Der Energiebooster

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Der Alleskönner

Schonend extrahiert

aus den Blättern und Blüten

der Nutzhanfpflanze

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Aus der Kraft der Natur

Equines CBD-Öl

Welcome to Hanfleben!

Let us take you into the world of food hemp and discover how diverse this centuries-old miracle plant is.

Our hemp is a pure superfood and has nothing to do with its THC-heavy sister marijuana.

From the sowing, through the harvest to the finished hemp life product, you can be sure with us:

Deal of the month!


Our Values

We check everything for best quality and legality.

Family business

At Hanfleben everything is from a single source.


Hanfleben is actively doing something for the climate with the cultivation of industrial hemp. Because one hectare of hemp binds twice as much CO2 per year as one hectare of forest.

Climate protection

We don't just want to see whether our climate is recovering from the CO2 pollution, we want to actively contribute to climate protection!

Short transport routes

The way from the field to the manufactory is short.

Optimal manufacturing processes

The manufacturing process focuses on sustainability.

Discover our CBD world

Discover the world of our hemp products: from groceries such as chocolate and various types of tea, to accessories and gift ideas, to care products such as ointments and oils.


We love hemp!

Hemp and its positive influences on human body and soul have been forgotten for a long time. In particular, due to the popularity of the THC-heavy version of marijuana, hemp has received a rather negative connotation. However, industrial hemp has an important function in sustainable agriculture and climate protection. All of this convinced us at Hanfleben, and we have dedicated our lives to the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp.


We love sustainability and climate protection

Originally, the hemp should serve us to loosen our arable soils in depth.
The roots of the hemp can sprout up to 1.40 meters into the ground and thus loosen it optimally for more demanding plants,
e.g. B. grain on.
But the yield from our hemp fields was far too good for us to simply dispose of.
After all, the whole hemp plant can be processed - nothing ends up unused in the waste.

It can hardly be more sustainable.
In addition, our hemp fields convert 20 tons of CO2 per hectare per year.
With our cultivation we live a climate-friendly and sustainable agriculture for a better tomorrow.
Learn more about industrial hemp

Vegan and sustainable: Industrial hemp is not only good for people, but also for nature. Learn more about the main uses of hemp!

Sweet lupins
The superstar among the beans

Discover what lupins can do!
Eat vegan and sustainably.


What is CBD?

CBD means cannabidiol. It is one of the cannabinoids of the hemp plant - i.e. the active ingredients. Due to its molecular structure, it is not psychoactive on the human endocannabinoid system. CBD has a positive effect on the body, supports the relief of inflammation, pain, stress, migraines, sleep disorders, in short: it has a calming effect on body, mind and soul - without causing a state of intoxication.

What is CBD oil made from?

To do this, we have to distinguish whether it is CBD or hemp seed oil, because there are basically two different approaches here.
When extracting the CBD oil, all CBD-rich parts of the actual hemp plant are used. With this method, the extraction results in the so-called hemp or CBD extract.
For completion, this is then mixed with base oils such as coconut or olive oil and bottled.


Our philosophy

With the Hanfleben products you also do something valuable for environmental protection.


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